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Tesla Model Y Camping Mattress, Self Inflating Sleeping Pad, AIR + Memory Foam

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  • Material: TPU, Memory foam
  • Item Weight: 8.9 Pounds
  • Size: 77"L x 38"W x 7"Th
  • Included Components: Carry Bag, Repair Patch
  • Weight Limit: 300 Kilograms
  • GOTIDY Air Mattress
  • Wireless Air Pump
  • Carrying/Storage Bag
  • Repair Patch Kit
  • Manual

US: 3-7 Days
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  • Why does my mattress start leaking on the first night of use?

    Before first use, we suggest inflating the air mattress fully when you receive it and letting it sit for 24 hours, this allows time for it stretch the material. Afterward, inflate or deflate a portion of air to your desired comfort.
    If do not "stretch" the product first, after the first use, the product will automatically stretch, but this is not air leakage, it is recommended to replenish a little air.
  • Why mattresses loose firmness through the night?

    Shrinkage due to temperature changes injected into the air. One of the characteristics of air is that it expands when the temperature rises and shrinks when it decreases. For example, when you add air to a warm room, even if it's in just the right condition, when the temperature drops at night, the air contracts and feels as if the air has escaped. In this case, it is not a leak, so add air again.
  • Why does the air cushion leak but can't find a hole?

    If no small holes are found in the air cushion, please pay attention to check whether the inflation valve is tightened.
    After inflating the air mattress, please TURN OFF the air pump to avoid air leakage.
    Please check if the AIR VALVE on the left is tightened (the double-layer cover of the air valve needs to be tightened).
    The pump was both easy to use and quick to fill, fully inflating the air mattress car camping suv in just 1 minute. You simply twist the valve you want to use—either inflate or deflate—press the power switch and you’re all set. The power cord also conveniently stores inside a little storage cubby with a latching door, keeping everything nice and tidy when it’s time to store the suv air mattress camping away.
suv air mattress fitment

Perfectly Match Your SUV/Car

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
High End but Hefty Price

Firstly, the inclusion of a memory foam layer is a game-changer. It elevates the sleeping experience significantly, providing a level of comfort and support that is rare in typical car air mattresses. This feature alone makes a noticeable difference, especially during extended use, where the extra cushioning is much appreciated.

The quality of materials used in this mattress is evident. It feels durable and well-made, suggesting it can withstand the wear and tear of regular travel. The process of inflating and deflating the mattress is remarkably easy and efficient, a crucial factor when setting up and packing down is often done on the go.

However, when it comes to the price, it's here that I find myself slightly hesitant. While the mattress undoubtedly offers top-tier comfort and quality, the cost is on the higher end. This aspect might make one pause and consider whether the luxury it offers aligns with its price point.

In conclusion, the Model Y car air mattress is an excellent product for those seeking comfort and quality in their automotive sleeping arrangements. Its memory foam layer and easy inflation/deflation process are standout features. However, its high cost is a significant consideration, and it's this that nudges my rating to 4 stars. If budget is not a constraint, this mattress is undoubtedly one of the best in the market for car camping and road trips.


I'm extremely impressed with this car mattress. The comfort it provides is top-level compared to other pads I've used. It also came with a very nice carry bag, a pump with charger, and directions. The top is super soft and very comfy to sleep on. This is a game-changer for car camping/travel. I don't use it in a tesla, so I can't talk about the fit, but it fits in my 2014 Chevy Traverse.


Super easy to inflate. It fitted perfectly in the SUV we rented (Chevy Blazer) and it keeps inflated after sleeping.